Love Cheelas? Try This Wholesome And Delicious Ragi Cheela Recipe

Ragi or nachni cheela is a healthy meal full of great flavours too. Check out our easy recipe.

Nowadays, we keep hearing about the health benefits of millets. Long before they became a trending keyword, millets have been used to make a variety of traditional delicacies. One such millet is ragi, also known as nachni or finger millet. This ancient grain can be used to make different types of snacks, dishes and desserts. If you’re looking for an easy and nutritious way to add nachni to your diet, we recommend making cheelas. You can prepare wholesome ragi cheelas at home in just 30 minutes. The process is far from complicated and the taste is so good, you will want to relish it again and again.
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Is Ragi Cheela Healthy? Top Benefits of Nachni Chilla


Finger millet or ragi is good for your bones, teeth, digestion and more. Photo Credit: iStock

This cheela is made using ragi flour, besan, curds, veggies and spices. Each of these ingredients enhances the overall nutritional value of the dish. The base itself comes with many health benefits as discussed below.

1. Can manage blood sugar levels

Ragi has a low glycaemic index, which can help keep your blood sugar levels in check. This is why it is often recommended for diabetics.

2. Strengthens your bones

According to the National Institute of Nutrition in India, every 100 grams of ragi contains 344 mg of calcium. Thus, if you want healthy bones and teeth, you should be increasing your consumption of ragi.

3. Good source of iron

Apart from calcium, ragi is also rich in iron. It helps keep up your energy levels in a sustained manner. Those suffering from anaemia or low haemoglobin can also benefit by adding nachni to their diet.

4. Boosts immunity

This nachni cheela is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help protect your body from a variety of diseases. Ragi is also one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, which is essential for your overall health.
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Is Ragi Cheela Good For Weight Loss?


Ragi Cheela can be enjoyed on a weight-loss diet too. Photo Credit: iStock

This ragi cheela is high in fibre and can keep you satiated for longer. It can boost your energy levels and help you avoid untimely cravings. Ragi is gluten-free but contains healthy complex carbohydrates. It makes for the perfect addition to your weight-loss diet. This cheela contains other ingredients that will only help you with weight management.
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How To Make Ragi Cheela At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Nachni Chilla

  • Start making a batter by mixing ragi flour with a little besan and curds. Next, add the chopped vegetables of your choice. Onions, tomatoes and capsicum will especially suit this cheela.
  • Next, add coriander leaves, crushed cashew nuts, chilli powder, grated ginger and salt to the mixture.
  • Add water in small quantities and mix well to form a smooth batter having pouring consistency. Cover the batter and allow it to sit for 20 minutes.
  • Heat ghee/oil on a non-stick tawa and then add 2 ladlefuls of the batter on top. Spread the batter carefully in a circular shape, as you do with regular cheelas and dosas.
  • Add a little ghee on top and around the cheela. Cover and cook for a few minutes, then flip. Cook uncovered until the other side turns brown and lightly crisp too.
  • Serve hot with hari chutney, coconut chutney or any sauce you like.

Click here for the full recipe for Ragi Cheela.

If you want to add more ragi to your diet, you should definitely try making this wholesome cheela.
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