Kiara Advani's "Feast Day" Meant Gorging On This Scrumptious Combo

Kiara Advani took to Instagram to give her followers a sneak peek at her indulgence on her “feast day”. Take a look at it below.

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We all love indulging our sweet tooth sometimes. Whether it’s Indian mithai or chocolatey desserts, each of us has our preferred solutions when sweet cravings hit. There are some classic combinations that you can never go wrong with, and we just discovered one that Kiara Advani likes. Curious to know what it was? The actress recently took to Instagram to give her fans a sneak peek at one of her indulgences. In the short clip she shared, a plate of gloriously fluffy pancakes is visible. They look to be plain – no chocolate chips or berries seem to be added.

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As the video proceeds, someone is seen pouring maple syrup or honey on top of them. Beyond this plate, a generous serving of cream is set on the table. We’re guessing Kiara will spread this decadent element on top of the pancakes before digging in. “Feast Day,” reads the text on the video. Take a look at the screengrab below.

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Did you know that Kiara also loves making this dessert at home? A few weeks ago, she shared a glimpse of one of her sweet creations. This one was far from plain – it was a chocolatey delight topped with berries, seeds and a unique type of sauce. According to Kiara, she spent her Sunday in “perfecting her pancakes”. Read the full story here.

Kiara is also a fan of good old desi khanna. Wondering how we know? Before this, she told her followers about how “sometimes all you really need is Mama’s home food”. So relatable, right? She shared a photo of a plate loaded with Sindhi delicacies, including aloo tuk, Sindhi curry and bhindi fry. Check out the full story here.

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